Category: Yoga for Laughs

Fleeting Moments

Christina Souza Ma
Time continues to fly by at a blink of an eye. Yes, many of you understand what is happening Universally. How everything is speeding up. How everything is so intense. (more…)
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Lighten Up!

Francesca Silva
As I mentioned in my last blog, last year was a tough one. I’ve decided, however, that this year is going to be one of joy and laughter. I’m going to celebrate life. I’m going to get rid of all the negativity that’s inside me. I’m going to lighten up and have fun! So are you with me? (more…)
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Making Myself Laugh More!

Christina Souza Ma
I love it. . .Laughter Yoga. Who would have known? Over the past few months, I was so busy rebalancing my life that I did not have much of a chance to listen to some of the wonderful workshops from our 1st Virtual World Yoga Conference or to actually do the exercises – until my teleseminar with Jill and Dan Johnson. Continue Reading: Making Myself Laugh More!