Laughter Yoga Movement

Paloma Chavez

yogalaughter.jpgSometimes it takes courage to laugh, to set aside our judgements, and doubts and to just allow ourselves to experience the humor in our lives.

According to Dr. Madan Kataria in Bombay, he has been able to merge the benefits of yoga and laughter into one practice. In an article by Alex Perry, Dr. Kataria was observed in central Bombay at sports area with a group of yoga students expelling rounds of laughter and yoga stretches. Although it may sound intrusive to the average yoga practioner, this movement, according to the article, has now become popular throughout the world in 700 locations with an overwhelming number of them (1,800) located in India.

In Canada, Farah Nazarali , the Smiling Yogi, offers 2 hour and half day workshops on laughter yoga based on the work of Dr. Kataria. She explains the practice as  “ a combination of breathing exercises, gentle movement, and simulated laughter.” It’s intention is to assist the individual in making a connection to the parts of their life that perhaps have lost “spontaneity, creativity”  and access to their own joy.

Today there are Laughter Yoga Conferences with Dr. Mandan Kataria (this month in Spain) that offers workshops in utilizing this method in the workplace, how to promote a heart health program through laughter, and the discussion around the scientific study of laughter yoga. In addition a series of days are geared toward training sessions to become a certified laughter yoga teacher.

Have you had an opportunity to attend a laughter yoga class? Share with us your experience.

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