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Yoga Study Updates

Paloma Chavez
DC_yoga-and-medical.jpgMost if not all of us have at some time in our lives suffered from various illnesses. As yoga practitioners, we recognize the benefits that a regular yoga practice can have on alleviating many of these stresses on our bodies. However, the great news is that medical professionals are now also acknowledging that yoga can be beneficial in treating a variety of diseases and illnesses. (more…)
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Rise to the Challenge

Paloma Chavez
DC_Seva-Challange.JPGPoverty is all around us. Perhaps some of us are fortunate enough not to have it right on our doorstep, but we’ve all seen and read about the devastating conditions that many people live in. And I’m sure, like me, you’ve often wondered what you – as only one person – can do to help alleviate all this suffering. (more…)
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Taking Your Heart to the Mat

Paloma Chavez
DC_OneYoga.jpgWhat can a single group of yoga practitioners do to help relieve world poverty? Plenty – but with lots of support. On November 16, throughout North America, conscientious yoginis will be putting their hearts to their mats as they join OneYoga to bring awareness and funds to help end extreme poverty. The organizers of OneYoga, in partnership with ChristmasFuture, are asking local and national yoga studios to encourage their yoga communities...

Yoga but not Yoga: Raider Relaxation

Paloma Chavez
DC_Raider-Relaxation.jpgOver the years, many of us have heard or read about certain school districts and religious organizations who have felt that yoga does not have a place in their institutions. Several yoga groups have even been banned from church recreation rooms and school campuses. Recently, two high school teachers in Massena, New York, were challenged when they launched a voluntary yoga program for students. Continue Reading: Yoga but not Yoga: Raider Relaxation