The Water Yogi

Paloma Chavez

Water YogiGopal Chandra Adak was raised in Jhalalsi, a village in West Bengal’s Howrah District that was often barraged by floods. Seeking a way to survive in his environment, he began practicing floating for hours in the water. Even though he was only ten years old when he began, he soon discovered that he enjoyed this activity and decided to take it further by trying various yoga poses in the water.

Now at the age of 45, he is a shopkeeper by trade and a popular and well-respected water yoga performer. Having spent many hours over the years practicing in the pond next to his shop, he has now mastered the art of performing complex yogic positions in the water. Adak credits his water yoga practice with giving him excellent health, explaining, “I have learnt this myself. I have taken this up due to health reasons. It was also an effort for survival amidst all that water.”

Adak is extremely popular with the residents of his village, who are inspired by his achievements in the water. He is pleased with his popularity as the “Water Yogi” and is now aiming to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

To learn more about Adak and yoga in the water, read a News Track India article.

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