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IN GRATITUBE: Surgery and Superheroes

Glenn Wollman
Calculating the rate of bladder filling and hours before surgery, it was painfully obvious I would have to catheterize myself and penetrate the Three Gorges of Hell (see Act Three), hopefully, for the last time in this life time. I awoke early. Mission accomplished. Trying to remain in a very positive mental state,I crossed the Hospital threshold at 0500 hours. (more…)

IN GRATITUBE: A Nightmare Week

Glenn Wollman
IN GRATITUBE: A NIGHTMARE WEEK Act three: Time, in my mind, was moving at a different rate than real time. The reality of imminent surgery was circulating in my brain cells. Would it happen in hours or days? The Doctor held an anatomical model of the entire exposed male genitalia in front of my eyes. While focusing on the plastic model and relating it to my own anatomy, I learned that a green...

Magical Medical Tour: Heal

Glenn Wollman
After 30 years in Emergency Medicine and many years as a Medical Guide, it has become apparent that, as a species, we’re much better at getting injured than at healing. Every day, fascination and frustration enter my consciousness while observing people in various stages of dissatisfactory recovery. For example, I treated a young healthy adult who jogged 15 miles each day as part of his training regimen for the police...
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