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How Do We Put a Hold on Time?

Christina Souza Ma
The years continue to swish by. It almost feels like someone has waved their magic wand and – poof! – here we are in the present moment. Where does the time go? Sometimes I feel like it is hiding around some corner waiting to step out and surprise me. Maybe that is what I am wishing for, extra time for extra moments in my life. As I continue to clear out...

Farewell and Welcome Again

Christina Souza Ma
My dear, dear uncle has finally transitioned to his new journey. The last few months, we spent several hours a week together. Not the same as when he was staying in my home, but still it was wonderful to laugh together and — being Portuguese — eat together! (more…)
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Memories and Memoirs

Francesca Silva
Mumsie and I had our first official “Mumsie Day” last week and, since the weather was lovely, we decided to visit one of her favourite gardens. We arrived just in time for lunch (perfect timing by Mumsie) and enjoyed a delicious variety of salads. After lunch, I borrowed a wheelchair from the garden office, thinking Mum would need it since there was a lot of walking involved – some of...
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