Mumsie Day

Francesca Silva

How many times have you heard it? Or, for that matter, how many times have you said it? “I’m so busy that I can hardly find time in the day to do anything I really want to do.

Well, I’m guilty – I say that all the time. “I’m so busy…I’m so busy…I’m so busy….” For goodness sake, it’s turning into my mantra!

And yes, I am busy (but then again, who isn’t). Juggling my freelance work with housework, caring for Mumsie, going for various appointments, finding time for Hubby – it all keeps me busy and out of mischief. While working from home has its obvious benefits, I find it requires a lot of discipline on my part, especially if I have a deadline to meet, because that means I have to ignore all the laundry piling up, the layer of dust on the furniture, the carpet that badly needs vacuuming…and believe me, that’s hard because I’m kind of a neat freak.

But I digress (so what else is new)….

As I was rushing about the other day doing my “chicken without a head” bit, I noticed that Mumsie was sitting in her chair, flicking through channels on the television, and looking a little pensive. Just watching her made me realize that lately I’ve been so involved in being busy, busy, busy that I’ve kind of neglected poor Mumsie. Not in a “leave me alone” Greta Garbo kind of way but more in a “I’m too busy to spend time with you” way.

Well, that’s not right. Mumsie’s 92, so any time spent with her is precious since she may not be around for too many more years. Of course, if it were up to me she’d live forever, but she says that sounds far too exhausting! Then again, I might go out tomorrow and get hit by a bus, so there’s no guarantee – anything can happen in this crazy life! The important thing I’ve found is to share it with people you love who love you.

Anyway, the gist of all this rambling is that I want to spend more time with Mumsie. So, with that in mind, I’ve designated a “Mumsie Day” once a week. This doesn’t mean I won’t spend time with her on any other day, but that one day a week will be entirely focused on what she wants to do – go to a movie, play a cribbage game (the few times we’ve played, she’s absolutely creamed me!), visit a friend, go shopping, walk around a garden or plant nursery, have lunch in her favourite restaurant, or just reminisce about the past….

Mumsie’s already decided what she wants to do next week – visit a nearby garden, have lunch and walk around the garden, admiring nature in all her glory.

Sounds like a plan, so the next time the sun shines, we’ll be off and running…can’t wait!

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