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What is Child Abuse?

Christina Souza Ma
abuseI have been privy to a situation in which a child has been removed from his parents and put into a foster home. What must that be like for this young spirit, this young growing mind? I realize that removing a child from an abusive situation, until the courts are able to appoint full custody to who they feel is the right parent to raise the child safely and lovingly,...
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How to Teach an “All Levels” Yoga Class

Kat Robinson
yogaclassOne thing that I have learned over the last 14 years of owning my studio is that an all levels or combination class is a very important factor. Many of struggle to get every student we can possible get to walk through the door so we aren’t going to turn them a way and tell them that the Beginner’s class is tomorrow night, they may not come back again. Many...

Middle of The Road

Kat Robinson
third-chakraEvery year, I try to give my studio a little perking-up in some way. It can be as simple as just a thorough cleaning to refinishing the wood floor. This year, over our winter break, I decided that after five years it was time for some fresh paint on the walls. Now, this task is kind of a stressful one for me because I am always so indecisive about colors,...
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No Community is Perfect

Kat Robinson
After hearing all the drama and controversy going on in the yoga community this week — you know, the whole Yogaglo trying to patent their camera angles thing, and yet another famous yoga teacher thinking it is okay to have sex with students — I started questioning whether or not we should be looking at reality tv for yoga. All the disappointment from so many people. It is sad to know that...
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Yoga is Non competitive and Other Myths

Kat Robinson
I have been teaching in the same town for over 11 years now. It is a quaint little town of about 2,000 people within the city limits and around 15,000 county-wide. I have had students of all kinds – they come in all ages, shapes, sizes and gender. Some have been sedentary for years while others are athletes. In all of my classes, I try to teach them to be in the moment...

Yoga and Parkinson’s

Kat Robinson
For years, I had this wonderful woman in my yoga classes. She participated in everything, from my restorative classes to my powerful vinyasa classes. She always seemed so young for her age and, as an avid yogini, golfer, and jogger, she stayed very physically fit. Then a few years ago, she came to my Tuesday evening hatha class, in which she was a regular. I noticed that she was having some difficulty balancing...
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Weekend Violence

elbert traister
This past weekend I got to see my first piano recital. I have never played the piano, and in fact, I have very little musical talent to boast of. It always amazes me when I see other people do musical things because it’s so far removed from what I feel I am capable of doing. I also think this keeps me from being able to appreciate it...
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Sunscreen Accelerates Cancer. What’s New?

elbert traister
Wow. This article just invoked all kinds of emotions in me. Frustration. Anxiety. Awkwardness. Confusion. Once all that passed though, there was a strange calm that I experienced. I mean, really, does news like this “shock” anyone anymore? While that fact is sad in and of itself, it seems that every time I turn around, something new causes cancer. Mother Nature is not so...

Laughter Yoga on the Phone

Segovia Smith
We just finished a call last night with Jill & Dan Johnson called “Intentional Laughter – Stress Reduction Secrets” and I had such a great time I decided I needed to get some more. I took their suggestion and went to “Laughter Yoga on the”, as this was one of the recommended resources they gave out during the call. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to...
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First User of Neti Wash Plus

madoka kasahara
Since this year started, I have been unbelievably busy every day and my schedule is already fully booked till October. I don’t know why I’m that busy, but I do know that all the good energies just keep coming into my life, which pushes me to go forward. There is just no time to catch a cold; however, the other day I began to feel like I had the beginning...