Laughter Yoga on the Phone

Segovia Smith

We just finished a call last night with Jill & Dan Johnson called “Intentional Laughter – Stress Reduction Secrets” and I had such a great time I decided I needed to get some more.

I took their suggestion and went to “Laughter Yoga on the”, as this was one of the recommended resources they gave out during the call. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was a laughter session on the phone at that very moment.

Can you guess what I did? You bet! I dialed into the call and had a good 10-minute laughing fit with one other person. I didn’t even know who she was, I didn’t know her name, what she looked like, or where in the world she was. She didn’t say “hi” to aknowledge I was even there.

When I first got on the call, the phone service announced there was only one other person on the phone, so I figured it might be kind of a quiet call, but when I was connected, it was all laughter, nothing but laughter and then more fun and giggles.

I didn’t know how much I would really be able to just dive right in without any silly exercises or stimulators, but the longer I just sat there listening to this woman laughing (while it sounded as she was in the car driving somewhere), the more I couldn’t help but to laugh right along with her. At first I was kind of laughing at her because here she was all alone before I got there just having a laughing fit.

Then, almost uncontrollably, I joined right on in with her. We must have laughed for a good 10 minutes straight before she announced that we had only two minutes left (incidentally, those were the first words she had spoken to me).

What? Wait, where can I get another token to plug the meter, I don’t want it to end. But rest assured, there’s another session starting up in only 40 minutes. So I guess I’ll go grab a bite to eat and dial back into the phone to enjoy another laughing fit with some more total strangers. How fun 😉 Very good, Very good, Yeah!

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Author: Segovia Smith

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  1. I love this! How can I get involved and take part in this laughter yoga?

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