First User of Neti Wash Plus

madoka kasahara

Since this year started, I have been unbelievably busy every day and my schedule is already fully booked till October. I don’t know why I’m that busy, but I do know that all the good energies just keep coming into my life, which pushes me to go forward.

There is just no time to catch a cold; however, the other day I began to feel like I had the beginning of a cold. That weekend, I was scheduled to shoot a film, so I canceled all my meetings that filled every evening after work for the week and stayed home to prevent the cold from become worse.

I didn’t feel so bad, except for my nose. Even though some of my friends have been strongly recommending using Neti Wash Plus, I avoided trying it for a long time because of the rumor that Zinc may cause to lose the sense of smell or something like that. But I decided that this was a good time to try and see how it worked. So I planned to use a very small amount of drops for a couple of nights. It made me think that it shouldn’t affect my body badly.

I asked my friend to let me use her Neti Wash and tried a few drops that night. WOW! My nose got immediately clearer and I found it much easier to breathe! It’s amazing how it worked.

I used it for about a week and then returned it back to my friend because I felt much better. Now I miss the Neti Wash but I don’t want to be addicted to it. Luckily, we have other kinds of Neti Wash such as Neti Wash Flu and Neti Wash Silver. I believe those two Neti Wash don’t carry any Zinc. So I am thinking that I shall buy one of them and use it every night so that I can breathe and sleep better!

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