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Paloma Chavez

Prison BarsWhen M P Parthiban was 24 years old, he was imprisoned for murder. At the time, he was not encouraged to believe that he could have a second chance, having lived a careless and dangerous life filled with drug use and violence that had resulted in him committing murder.

However, seven years later he has emerged from prison a changed man. Now 31, M P Parthiban proclaims that “For me, prison was truly a place of reform. I am a new man now.” During his seven years in the Coimbatore central prison, he took advantage of programs that taught him how to channel his past behavior into positive results.

His efforts resulted in his being given a reduced sentence, thereby enabling him to leave prison early. Since his release, he has become “a yoga teacher, tailor, painter, photographer, a graduate in Tamil literature and a diploma holder in education technology”.

He expresses appreciation to the prison officials and government for his early release, saying, “My youth would have been wasted inside the prison if I had not been released now.”

Visit The Times India for more information on M P Parthiban and other reformed individuals.

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