Lighten Up!

Francesca Silva

As I mentioned in my last blog, last year was a tough one.

I’ve decided, however, that this year is going to be one of joy and laughter. I’m going to celebrate life. I’m going to get rid of all the negativity that’s inside me. I’m going to lighten up and have fun!

So are you with me?

Let’s do it. Let’s make a conscious effort to enjoy our lives. We can start with a smile, then a giggle – and then dig deep within ourselves and let out a big, booming, joyful laugh.

I’ve already started. The other evening, Hubby and I were smiling as we shared stories of our childhood. Something tickled my funny bone and set me off giggling, which then set him off – and the next thing we knew, we were laughing until we cried. The laughter felt so good – I highly recommend including it into your daily practice. We need more laughter in this world to maintain a balance in life.

Speaking of laughter, last year I “virtually attended” Jill and Dan Johnson’s workshop at YogaHub’s first annual Virtual World Yoga Conference and I had a blast. I notice that there are more laughter workshops this year, which I will definitely be signing up for. Why not join me? And, while you’re at it, why not check out the other awesome workshops that are being offered at the upcoming conference. Am I making a blatant plug for this wonderful conference? You bet I am!

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