Fresh Water Mermaids

Anatara Buckley

Mer-Folk In the Great Lakes

I am going to take a leap into a realm that I have recently been visiting. The leap is not that I have been experiencing the life of others, in a realm that we don’t often think about. The leap is about sharing it.

And sharing is what these gentle mer-folk have been doing with me.

While in the waters of Hawaii, I had many experiences of interaction with dolphins and whales. These were physically tangible experiences. I saw, heard, and even touched them occasionally. I could feel the energetic vibrations of their sonar, I could listen to the messages within the vibrations, and I could hear their thoughts.

Through meditation, I was able to visit parallel time lines, where I spent time and swam with the mer-people of the oceans of this world. I felt myself as one of them. I knew what it was to live under the water, to visit the surface, to see life from the water rather than from the land. I was easily connected with their collective perceptions of the earth and of us as a mostly land-based species.

And there I was, swimming with them, feeling them, truly intuitively knowing that I am one of them. For the entirety of my human life, I have dreamt of being underwater, and of breathing there.

I am now on the shores of Georgian Bay, in northern Ontario. I spend my summers here on a small island, which I know now to be surrounded by waters that are also populated by mer-people. (I’ll have to ask them if they have a name for themselves that would be more relevant to who they really are.)

I have known the bliss of these fresh waters all of my life. I am nourished by them, supported by them, and feel most like myself when I am in them. In meditation yesterday, the mer-folk came to me. I could see them on the rocks, lounging together as they watched and smiled at me. I could feel their joy as I finally connected with them. It appears that they have been waiting for this.

I was also able to hear their voices. Sounding like a series of tones and notes. Slippery in quality. Fluid in the rise and fall of the tones. Somewhat high pitched. It wasn’t the sounds that I understood specifically, but I intuitively received their messages.

They welcomed me to a new paradigm of connection. Finding them makes me feel whole. More whole than ever before in my life. I have an open invitation to speak with them, to swim with them, to celebrate the water with them…

What dimension do we meet in? Is it here in the 3rd dimension? Is it in a different vibration?
Regardless of time and space, it is amplified by these ancient waters.

I am excited! I feel at ease and at peace with the water and my ‘new’ pod.

There is a resounding excitement about what will come next. And I think most valuable of all, a connection has been established to a life force that holds great memories of the earth and how we have all ‘evolved’. These perceptions feel invaluable. These perceptions fill out and harmonize something that has been missing for me.

Joyful swimming to you all!

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