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Yawning My Way through The Days

Francesca Silva
Oh my gosh…I’m so sleepy these days! I just can’t seem to stop yawning and am struggling to keep my eyes open. Even as I’m trying to write this blog, I’m losing my concentration – all I really want to do is put my head down on the desk for a snooze (excuse me – just give me a few minutes…) Life is quite chaotic with my sister and her family...

Yoga Craving

Francesca Silva
Life is chaotic at the moment – and that’s an understatement! My sister and her family are visiting from abroad and, while it’s a lot of fun, we’ve also been busier than usual. Fortunately, they’ve been here many times so we don’t have to do the “touristy” things. However, we have relatives and mutual friends who live here and of course they all want to get together, usually over a meal....
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