Slow Down, You Move Too Fast!

Margaret Kruszewska

Summer insists languidness (as in “lacking quickness of movement”), which may be cause for concern for many of us multi-fast-track accelerating to the finish line types. Especially being an independent with a laptop! Not getting official time-off, I have to remind myself to take a whole day off every once in a while. Having out of town guests helps, as it gives me more incentive to explore some off the freeway place with an intriguing name – like Bodega Bay.

It was there that I saw a little restaurant that promoted Slow Cooking. I had been aware of the whole Slow Movement for some time now and have previously written on how it relates to knowledge and yoga (see Slow Know). In addition, I had just spent hours watching yoga videos that were impossibly fast and, a dear friend of mine was going out of her mind complaining that she wasn’t doing anything (apparently resting doesn’t count!).

Why this need for speed to prove our vitality? Is it because we can easily convince ourselves that we are “most good” when we are “most productive”? I am looking forward to the many languid summer days still ahead.

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