Yoga Retreat for Breast Cancer

Paloma Chavez

Amidst the beaches of North Carolina, yoga teacher Jean Costa gathers with a group of women who have survived breast cancer and are seeking a refuge where they hope to regenerate their health and spirit.

Born from her own struggle with breast cancer, Jean Costa personally experienced the need of a restorative and supportive atmosphere for women being challenged with this disease.

Now in their third year, with the support of the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program, the SeaSide Yoga Retreat offers 30 women a much-needed opportunity to contemplate and restore their energy. Over the 4-day retreat they provide workshop sessions where breast cancer patients and survivors can have one on one access with yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners and other alternative holistic practices. Yoga sessions include meditations, restorative poses, hatha and ansura classes.

The founder Jean Costa who is an eight-year cancer survivor and has practiced yoga for 20 years states, “I thought it would be very beneficial to breast cancer survivors, who often need to find ways to nurture themselves.” In addition the woman are encouraged to journal and to openly discuss their daily concerns. One of the most valuable outcomes is that these women create new friendships that will support them long after they leave the center.
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4 Responses to “Yoga Retreat for Breast Cancer”

  1. sandra alisch says:

    Do you have any retreats planned for 2009?


  2. Francesca Silva says:

    Hello Sandra. There’s a breast cancer retreat coming up in August. The fifth annual Pink Ribbon on Yoga Beach Retreat will be held at the Trinity Retreat Center in North Carolina from August 6 to 9 this year.

    Check out the following link for more information:


  3. Peggy says:

    Do you have any Yoga Retreats for Breast Cancer Survivors in 2010? I will travel. Thank you.

  4. Hatss off to Jean Costa ! She’s adorable ! What she has started with is very noble, the way she is working hard to help all those women who are suffering with the disease is praiseworthy .
    Check this link to know about yoga for women –

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