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Paloma Chavez

dickenson.jpgLast month we began to look into this adapted form of yoga practice. As we continued to research this area, we found that it has been around for awhile and has been accessed by all ages and ranges of mobility.

From those students who are being challenged by arthritis ,MS, recovering from a recent injury or for those seniors who are having a little extra trouble with floor exercises, chair yoga has become a valuable alternative.

So we gathered up a few more resources in this area. Although it may still be difficult to find a specific class in your area, typically a Gentle Yoga Class could be a good place to begin. Speak with the teacher about any limitations you may be experiencing prior to attending and they are likely to make some adjustments for you.

Chair Yoga DVD/CD
Seated Chair Yoga – Carol Dickman
Ageless Yoga – John Schlorholtz
Yoga in Chairs – Liz Franklin
Chair Yoga – Lakshmi Voelker-Binder (See YogaHub Blog Post Chair vs. Mat)

Teachers/Studios for Chair Yoga
Via Yoga, Torrance
Offers classes at several studios for both MS individuals and general classes.

Out Back Yoga, Chatsworth
Weekly classes for various stages of mobility.

New York
East West Living/Yoga, New York
Offers Gentle Yoga classes.

National MS Society, New York City Chapter
Provides ongoing Chair Yoga classes around the city for the MS community.
If you come across a Chair Yoga class that you have enjoyed, please share with the YogaHub community.
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