Yoga Gets You Thinking

Paloma Chavez

meditationeffects.jpgA consistent yoga practice has long been attributed with achieving a more flexible and toned body. But how does it affect your brain?

In an article in the Canadian paper The Gazette, entitled “This is Your Brain on Yoga” by columnist Donna Nebebsahl,

it states that scientists are now looking into the effects of meditation and breathing exercises associated with yoga.

The effects of intense meditation by Buddhist Monks, is noted in brain scans as producing a response of love and compassion. Pranayana breathing was also studied at both the University of Rome and the National Institutional of Mental Health and Neuroscience in India with the results that showed its capacity for diverting depression.

Have you noticed a positive shift in your thinking about yourself or your environment? And do you attribute that to your yoga practice? Was it gradual or immediate? Share your experience with the YogaHub community.

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