Yoga Conferences Update

Paloma Chavez

yogaconference.jpgAt YogaHub we are actively searching the web, publications and studios for the trends and events that serve or illuminate the practice of yoga. From that effort we have gathered a list of conferences and events that you might find useful.

Yoga Journal, one of our premiere yoga magazines is offering an array of conferences across the U.S.  As always, their reputation has been able to attract some of the world’s finest and inspired teachers and lecturers.
Fifth Annual Yoga Journal Conference/San Francisco Jan 23-25, 2008
2008 Boston Yoga Journal Conference May 16-19, 2008
2008 South Florida Yoga Journal Conference November 14-17, 2008

Coming to Los Angeles is the Second IAYAT Symposium on Yoga Therapy and  Research (SYTAR) March 6-9, 2008. According to their site their goal is to bring “more depth, integration and dialogue” to the field. And they get sold out 6 months before the date!

Fit Yoga Conference will also take place in Los Angeles from January 23-25, 2008. They will be hosting an array of workshops, yoga sessions and lectures.

YogaHub will be attending some of these conferences where we hope to meet our colleagues and readers to share our services.  Look for updates in our International Events as well.

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