An Advocate for Wellness

Paloma Chavez

dkaran.jpgMy mission is to create a working environment where the worlds of conventional and alternative medical practices unite to invent new ways of healing, health and well being for all of us. We must treat the patient with the same passion with which we fight the disease. – Donna Karan

In New York City, yoga practioner and fashion designer Donna Karan brought yogis, holistic practioners, doctors, wellness educators and cancer patients together for a 10-day wellness conference.

Donna Karan created the Urban Zen Initiative, in order to bring awareness to the need of a balance between the western medical field and the worldwide alternative methods of healing. Born from her own struggle to provide whole health practices for her ailing husband, the Urban Zen Initiative is her act of service to find solutions to the better treatment of patients.

The ten days were filled with activities ranging from, yoga classes led by Richard Freeman, panels that focused on the needs of the patient and their family, to the act of guided mediation for the treatment of disease. Both the panel and the audience were filled with some of the world’s finest leaders in their fields. A sample listing is Dr. Dean Ornish, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Dosey and Marianne Williamson to name just a few.

Donna Karan has become one of the most proactive and outspoken supporters of alternative treatments and has succeeded at accessing her celebrity status in order to lend her support to the transformation of our health care community.

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