An Offering of Peace

Paloma Chavez

vetyoga.jpgIn Florida two generous yoga teachers are taking it upon themselves to make a gift of peace to “any active or honorable discharged service members who served in a war.” Yoga for You of Lynn Haven, and Laura Tyree in Fort Walton Beach are offering free beginners yoga classes to these veterans in appreciation for their service to the country.

These compassionate teachers whose work in their communities include at home or studio classes are seeking to provide an alternative exercise regime for those veterans who also may be debilitated by post-traumatic stress disorder.

While an ongoing yoga practice is widely believed to offer renewed energy, relieve stress and is considered to be an adaptable exercise to those with limited mobility, it is the decision to begin a practice that can be the most difficult.

Therefore, by offering these free beginner classes, veterans will have the opportunity to experience yoga in an open and relaxed environment, which very well may encourage them on a lifelong experience.

For more information you can reach them directly at Yoga For You (850) 867-8597 and to reach Laura Tyree call (850) 642-1015.

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