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The 300 Workout

elbert traister
300-movie.JPGI recently found the 300 Workout online and decided that it would be a good way for me to get into shape. As the name implies, this is the workout used by the men in the movie “300” to get them into shape for the film. The workout consists of 300 repetitions divided among seven exercises. The breakdown is as follows: (more…)
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Yoga during Surgery

angie harris
lasik.JPGI recently had surgery done on my eyes. Based on personal experience, it is not something that I would want to do again. I’m sure you can imagine the amount of discomfort one would feel, having to lie awake while people are inserting foreign objects in and around your eyes. The surgery I had was Epi-Lasik, which was done about two weeks ago. Yes, I know it is not an “intense” surgical procedure...
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Is It True the Neti Pot Cleanses My Body?

angie harris
burger-restaurant.JPGFinally! I’m not sick anymore! And to celebrate, I went out and got a burger. Not one from a fast food joint, but a delicious juicy burger from a restaurant. I looked at the menu and the burger was just screaming at me, so I gave in and got one with a nice order of garlic fries. YUM! I’m coughing a lot less now. I’m still coughing, but...

Neti Pot: Powerful Cleansing Tool

angie harris
low-energy.JPGI think I’ve finally hit the plateau of my cold. When I talked to Christina about what was happening to me, she told me that the Neti Pot is a powerful cleansing tool and my body was just releasing whatever build-up was clogging my system. Great – that was something I was totally not expecting from nasal cleansing. I have not been so sick in a very, very long time and I definitely...

Fasting: A Healthy Torture and After

madoka kasahara
healthy-fasting.JPGChristina was right. After two or three days of fasting, I wasn’t “seriously” thinking and looking at food anymore. Yeah, I still felt like “I wish I could eat this or that” but not in the way I’d been craving it on day one. And I was actually waking up lightly before the alarm went off. Plus my co-workers told me that I looked much better and brighter, even in...

Neti Pot: Low Energy and the Cough

angie harris
Neti-Pot-Low-Energy1.JPG I skipped work today. I couldn’t talk very much and have extremely low energy. And I’m still coughing like mad. However, what surprised me was that, despite all the sleeping I’ve been doing these past two days, my sleeping patterns haven’t been hindered at all and I still managed to stay awake for the majority of the day. (more…)

Before the Fasting and the First Day

madoka kasahara
Fasting-First-Day1.jpgYes, I did it! Five days of fasting with carrot juice. What happened was that, since September/October last year, my face had been breaking out with pimples and I was always feeling fatigued. My mentor, Christina, kept telling me that I should fast but I was too stubborn, or I should say “scared,” so I always made excuses to postpone the fasting. (more…)

Neti Pot: Getting Grumpy

angie harris
Neti-Pot-Five.jpgToday, I got a little bit of my strength back, although I’m still feeling sick. I did another round of the Neti Pot in the afternoon, but since my nose was so clogged up, I didn’t really expect anything. I’m really hoping this will pass soon as I hate being sick and in bed. (more…)
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Neti Pot and Sickness

angie harris
AT_neti-pot-4_04.01.09.jpgI am completely knocked out! At least it’s a weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get some rest. Last night, I felt so sick and exhausted – and  today I’m feeling even worse. I slept really early last night and continued to sleep throughout the day today. (more…)
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The Right Angles with Neti Pot

angie harris
AT_neti-pot-3_03.26.09.jpgWell, this is my third day of my Neti Pot challenge. Can’t say that I am feeling much better or that my swollen sinus has subsided. In fact, I’m feeling more under the weather than before. But Christina has urged me to continue to do the nasal cleansing on a daily basis, so I’ve reluctantly agreed to keep trying. (more…)