Fasting: A Healthy Torture and After

madoka kasahara

healthy-fasting.JPGChristina was right. After two or three days of fasting, I wasn’t “seriously” thinking and looking at food anymore. Yeah, I still felt like “I wish I could eat this or that” but not in the way I’d been craving it on day one. And I was actually waking up lightly before the alarm went off. Plus my co-workers told me that I looked much better and brighter, even in the morning!? (Yes, I’m a pure night person and grouchy in the morning!? bad….)

How different it made me feel. I actually felt happier and couldn’t stop smiling! (Is that scary or what? Ha ha!)

WOW!!” And on the fourth day…

My body was totally transitioned to the point where I could live without any food – just on carrot juice and an empty stomach. And yet I had more energy than when I was eating.

I told Christina how happy I was and she responded that I could continue if I wanted to.

Hahaha, that’s a funny joke but NO! I was happy with the results of my fast but I still want to eat “real” food. I was actually tired of smelling and drinking carrot juice.

On the fifth day, I started eating only green salad with French vinaigrette and olive oil, and from the sixth day onwards, I started eating real food little by little.
I was told to avoid any caffeine and carbs, which includes all my favorite food such as noodles, pasta, lasagna, dumplings, rice, etc. I was thinking that it wouldn’t be so hard to avoid caffeine but it was going to be tough to avoid carbs.

What happens now? Oh well…noodles, noodles, pasta, noodles, rice, sushi, dumplings, lasagna, pasta….

I only just finished fasting but I’ve already got my bad habit back in my life. How sad it is.

But the good news that’s come out of this fasting is that I’ve been avoiding caffeine (except for three times so far). Nowadays, whenever I have a chance, I always order decafe. Ah-huh!

All I have to do now is keep drinking decafe if I want to drink coffee and eat fewer carbs. Or if I take lots of carbs – like last night, when I had huge amounts of sushi with my friend(!?) – I’d better go and exercise before the carbs stay in my body!

I promised myself I won’t be doing the fasting anymore, so I’m going to have to come up with something better than that!!

It was a quite experience – and a healthy torture for me.

Fasting Life:

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