The Right Angles with Neti Pot

angie harris

AT_neti-pot-3_03.26.09.jpgWell, this is my third day of my Neti Pot challenge. Can’t say that I am feeling much better or that my swollen sinus has subsided. In fact, I’m feeling more under the weather than before. But Christina has urged me to continue to do the nasal cleansing on a daily basis, so I’ve reluctantly agreed to keep trying.

At this point, I’m trying to figure out the right angles so that the liquid will have the most efficient way of running up my nasal passage and out the other one (yuk).  But nothing seems to be helping at the moment because the liquid just feels like it’s getting stuck there – and then I get that initial feeling of drowning. It’s somewhat similar to going swimming again after a long time away from the water, and having water end up in your nose.

But Christina keeps telling me to keep going so I will, even though I hate the sight of that Neti Pot right now!

Neti Pot Experiences:

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