Before the Fasting and the First Day

madoka kasahara

Fasting-First-Day1.jpgYes, I did it! Five days of fasting with carrot juice.

What happened was that, since September/October last year, my face had been breaking out with pimples and I was always feeling fatigued. My mentor, Christina, kept telling me that I should fast but I was too stubborn, or I should say “scared,” so I always made excuses to postpone the fasting.

While in Japan for my grandmother’s funeral last Feb, I was busy but didn’t feel so tired and actually noticed that I was getting fewer pimples. It may be because I ate a lot of healthier, more balanced and nutritious food, with fresh natural water, and I took a good long bath every night, instead of the quick shower I take when I’m here in LA. The clean air may have affected my body and skin as well. Anyway, I was happy that I was getting my fine skin back on my face.

But I was wrong!

As time went by, my body started to feel so heavy again and the pimples came back. I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I told Christina I was ready for the fasting and asked exactly what I should do. She recommended that I drink mainly 100% pure carrot juice and some veggie juice with 1 teaspoon of Psyllium husks three times a day for five days. I stopped by Whole Foods after work to check what they were and I planned to fast from Saturday onwards.

On March 23rd, Saturday, I stopped eating in the morning but started drinking carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of Psyllium husks.


Uncooked carrot was never my favorite but I was drinking it with some kind of weird powder stuff that melted and expanded in the juice. It smelled like carrot and tasted like carrot (duh! It is 100% natural carrot juice)!

Oh boy…the first day was the hardest, as people say. My stomach was filled with Psyllium husks, so I didn’t feel hungry as often as I expected, but I couldn’t stop thinking about food. I absolutely missed “eating” something by using my teeth to chew. My place was also filled with all the goodies I had brought back from Japan. It was hard to avoid just looking at them…

Every time I wanted to give up, I’d think, “Well, this is gonna be only five days out of 80 years or so of my life. These five days will be just like a second when I look back my life at the age of 80.” That’s how I continued.

But at the same time, I promised myself “I’ll keep myself healthier and cleanse more because I never want to do this again!

We’ll see what happened after. To be continued….

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3 Responses to “Before the Fasting and the First Day”

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, it’s often good to approach life more positively when trying something new.

  2. Mary says:

    In your mind, you are already set to go to 80 – cool.

  3. Madoka says:

    thanks Mary. Actually I miss doing fasting:( It’s strange. I should do it again sometime soon!

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