Acupuncture as A Last Resort

Beverly Driver

Cancelling-Acupuncture-Treatment.jpgAs a certified acupuncturist with a practice in Southern California, I’m puzzled when someone cancels or reschedules an acupuncture treatment due to illness or an injury. Acupuncture, as an early treatment option, can become a strategy for prevention but it can also be beneficial in treating specific illnesses or injuries.

The cancellations will usually be due to two scenarios: A new patient, who is beginning acupuncture treatment for some type of chronic internal condition, sustains an injury; or a patient who is already being treated for an acute injury comes down with the flu, bronchitis, or other debilitating symptoms.

I’ve noticed that when patients are feeling discomfort due to illness, they’re often distracted and only remember to mention specific information or questions at a later visit. A check-off list of the information provided at the first visit, noting routine questions about acupuncture’s overall therapeutic value, may help patients assess their change in status. This could also relieve my bewildered query, “Why? Why would you cancel a doctor’s appointment because you’re sick?

As each person becomes more self-aware about the benefits of acupuncture, their interest in it naturally develops. I am often asked if acupuncture is recommended for various specific concerns. The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented over 100 conditions that benefit from acupuncture.

We all have individual medical histories along with our hereditary predispositions. When this history is compiled into a current health/fitness assessment, it gives useful information about someone’s particular concerns. Generally, it’s helpful to relieve discomfort in a cost-effective way while addressing complicated issues in a more comprehensive and integrative approach. This helps the patient gain clarity of thought to make necessary decisions and minimize or alleviate distraction caused by pain.

Acupuncture can be a solution for many conditions, both physical and emotional, and it can positively impact the overall quality of life.

So the next time you come down with the flu or are suffering from an injury, I hope you’ll think twice before canceling your acupuncture treatment. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how acupuncture can alleviate your symptoms and help you on your road to recovery.
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Author: Beverly Driver

Beverly Driver is a wellness advocate who earned a master’s degree in Chinese medicine in 1994. She has post-study certifications specializing in orthopedic and neurological disorders. As a licensed practitioner, she utilizes acupuncture, herbal, nutritional and bodywork therapies

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