Is It True the Neti Pot Cleanses My Body?

angie harris

burger-restaurant.JPGFinally! I’m not sick anymore! And to celebrate, I went out and got a burger. Not one from a fast food joint, but a delicious juicy burger from a restaurant. I looked at the menu and the burger was just screaming at me, so I gave in and got one with a nice order of garlic fries. YUM!

I’m coughing a lot less now. I’m still coughing, but that’s primarily to get rid of the phlegm build-up in my throat. I feel so much better with my energy level.

My voice is still not 100%, but it’s getting there. It still gets a bit fatigued after long conversations, but it is definitely stronger than it was last week.Despite having persevered and gone through this whole Neti Pot experience, I still honestly don’t know what to think about it. Is it really possible for the Neti pot to have cleansed my body of all the build-up that was waiting to be released in the form of a really bad illness? Or could it be that, as I was getting over one cold, I happened to get slammed with another one at the time? Coincidence? Perhaps, but I don’t think I want to analyze this any further.

I have now narrowed my use of the Neti pot to every other day. I might be completely wrong, but I think the nasal cleansing could have contributed to the bloody noses with all that excessive nose blowing that I was doing after using it.

So yeah, every other day…or maybe even every two days.

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