The 300 Workout

elbert traister

300-movie.JPGI recently found the 300 Workout online and decided that it would be a good way for me to get into shape. As the name implies, this is the workout used by the men in the movie “300” to get them into shape for the film.

The workout consists of 300 repetitions divided among seven exercises. The breakdown is as follows:

1 – 25 pull-ups
2 – 50 dead lifts at 135 lbs
3 – 50 box jumps, 2 ft high
4 – 50 push-ups
5 – 50 floor wipers at 135 lbs
6 – 50 single arm clean and presses with a 36-lb kettle bell
7 – 25 pull-ups

The first time I tried this workout, it wiped the floor with me. It turned into just the 200 workout for me! Here’s how I fared the first time around:

1 – 6 pull-ups
2 – 15 dead lifts at 115 lbs
3 – 50 box jumps
4 – 50 push-ups
5 – 19 floor wipers at 115 lbs
6 – 36 single arm lean and presses with a 35-lb dumbbell (apparently people like to steal kettle bells from the gym)
7 – 5 pull-ups

So that’s a total of 181 reps – and a couple of the exercises were done at lower weight. Not only that, but it took me almost an hour to complete the cycle. The guys that wrote up the article, I found, could do everything in less than 20 minutes!!

Needless to say, I have a lot of work ahead of me. The goal of the workout is to be able to perform all the exercises consecutively with no rest in between. Ridiculous. But I hope to have better results in the coming weeks.

And I haven’t forgotten about my yoga. I’ll need to incorporate some kind of yoga into my exercise routine so that I don’t lose flexibility.
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