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Kriya Yoga Congress

Paloma Chavez
Roy Eugene DavisThe Second International Kriya Yoga Congress will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 28-30 this year. Kriya, which means “action”, is an ancient yoga practice that accelerates spiritual development, cultivates an enlightended state of tranquility, and engenders an affinity with God. Whether participants are experienced in kriya yoga or are new to the practice, this event promises to be “an opportunity to learn the philosophical principles and...
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Quiet Within: Yoga Meditation

John Sovec
Quiet MithinThe other day I was talking to some of my yoga students about connecting with the peace and strength within themselves, and one of them shared their frustration that, although they try so hard, all the noise from the outside world keeps distracting them. I found this a fascinating concept and it made me think about the manner in which many of us approach yoga and lead a spiritual life. Continue Reading: Quiet Within: Yoga Meditation

A Week of Yoga in Africa

Paloma Chavez
safariyoga.jpg“ I dream of bringing fellow Yogis to my part of the world and sharing a piece of this heaven on earth with them.” Deborah Carter is not only your yoga teacher but also your safari camp guide. Originally from the UK, she relocated to Africa in 1987, working in the safari industry for 20 years. Several years later, she came upon yoga and her second passion began...
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Yoga Behind the Wheel

Paloma Chavez
yoga in car.jpgSo if you are driving along the highway and you happen to see a person in the next slow moving vehicle bobbing and circling his head in a figure eight, then you might have come across the unique idea in yoga – Drivetime Yoga. It might seem a bit crazy or enlightening. Consider the number of people furiously running the road trying to cut another two minutes off of their...
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Meditation Assistance

Paloma Chavez
ymeditation.jpgStillness, breath, reflection, knowledge, gratitude. These are my working words, the ones that today I am calling upon to deepen my daily practice. Do I repeat them, listen to them, or roll them around in my body through each yoga pose? Am I meditating on them before, after, or during? Or perhaps I am just thinking too much of how to “think” about them? How do we use meditation in our practice? Continue Reading: Meditation Assistance