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Paloma Chavez

ymeditation.jpgStillness, breath, reflection, knowledge, gratitude. These are my working words, the ones that today I am calling upon to deepen my daily practice. Do I repeat them, listen to them, or roll them around in my body through each yoga pose? Am I meditating on them before, after, or during? Or perhaps I am just thinking too much of how to “think” about them?

How do we use meditation in our practice?

Our fellow YogaHub writer and yoga teacher Margaret Saraswati shares her experience in this area under the category “Yoga and Meditation.” A particularly helpful response is the Q & A post that answers one readers question, “Do we need a strong yoga practice to be able to properly meditate?” Also the post entitled Yoga and Meditation offers the idea that “every yoga pose (asana) can also be a meditation.”

A fun and thoughtful article that we found in Tricycle – The Buddhist Review, called the “Meditators Toolbox”, polled experienced teachers and practioners for tips on maintaining, or strengthening ones meditation practice. Although these are not directly related to a yoga practice, it offers practical insight and some quick fixes to keeping your focus. A few titles are “Make a Vow, Reflect on the Big Picture and Don’t Push.”

Check out our blog entries on meditation and share a comment on how you integrate meditation into your yoga practice.

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