A Teacher's Unlikely Addiction

Paloma Chavez

aaron.jpgAt what point in your life did you decide that yoga was the key to making a change in your life? Did that come easily? Or was it an unfamiliar challenge? We often hear about the benefits of yoga in ones daily life, but what did we have to overcome in order to begin?

With all the known benefits of a consistent yoga practice, it is always good to hear about someone who was truly challenged and persevered to gain freedom from an addiction and control over his life.

In the Salt Lake Tribune, the article Yoga: Finding center, leaving addictions by Katie Drake, offers an inspiring portrait of Aaron Hunsaker, once addict now a passionate yoga teacher. As he begins his instruction with the Centered City yoga studio (that is located on the same street as the local bar and tattoo studio) it is their intent to to attract folks who may not feel comfortable going to outside areas.

With the support of the center’s owner (D’ana Baptiste) and their new motto of “raw, real, rebellious” Aaron hopes to be able offer the same commitment to yoga to those who are in the throes of combating drug addiction. He states” Those demons never stop calling, he adds, but through yoga they may become a little harder to hear”

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