Your Heart and Yoga

Paloma Chavez

heartyoga.jpg“I think there is a definite connection between a patient’s mental health and their physical health, which is why yoga might have major benefit for heart failure patients,” he said. “It stresses that connection between the mind and the body.”
-Dr. Bobby Khan, Emory University School of Medicine

Although this may not sound like “news” to devoted yoga practioners, it is an encouraging advancement for the medical community. Many physicians, researchers and patients have been ardently seeking alternative solutions to such concerns as heart disease and breast cancer.

“Yoga is an easier transition to improve overall exercise capacity as patients progress.” states Dr. Bobby Kahn.

In a recent article by the ABC News Medical Unit, entitled “Yoga May Help Heart Failure Patients”, describes the findings of an eight-week yoga and medical intensive with patients who had suffered heart failure. Lead researcher Dr. Bobby Khan found that the participants were more relaxed, less stressed and managed any recurring depression. He also pointed out that these studies were just the beginning of understanding the correlation between yoga and heart patients. Fortunately, Dr. Kahn is not stopping here but is already planning for a more extensive research with 100 patients in early 2008.
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