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Margaret Kruszewska

Two recent news articles made me realize how widely accepted meditations techniques may become.

The first is an article about an elementary school in my neighborhood that has begun “mindfullness training” based on meditation techniques also used in yoga. Although the results would be difficult to measure, there is no doubt that simply offering these techniques may help children with overwhelming and often negative feelings about themselves and their environment.

The second item was a brief mention in an interview with director David Lynch. He has had a regular meditation practice since 1973 and has written a book about it entitled, “Catching the Big Fish: Consciousness and Creativity.” He has also started a foundation advocating the teaching of meditation in public schools.

Although many maintain that “yoga” as practiced here in North America is solely focused on the physical asanas postures, these reports prove otherwise.

Perhaps because the medical community considers meditation techniques more scientifically “provable” – it has gotten just as much, if not more attention as the physical form of yoga popularized by the fitness community.

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