A Week of Yoga in Africa

Paloma Chavez

safariyoga.jpg“ I dream of bringing fellow Yogis to my part of the world and sharing a piece of this heaven on earth with them.”

Deborah Carter is not only your yoga teacher but also your safari camp guide. Originally from the UK, she relocated to Africa in 1987, working in the safari industry for 20 years. Several years later, she came upon yoga and her second passion began to flourish.

She offers two itineraries – one in Western Kalahari and Okavango Delta, and the second is in Makgadikgadi. On your arrival, you are taken to a camp based on a remote game reserve with wide wild vistas. During the seven-day session, you are offered an array of activities – daily yoga sessions, meditation, game reserve tours, specialized meals – with enough time allotted for rest and reflection.

10% of the fees from each yoga safari session go to help AIDS orphans, and the proceeds contribute to the operation of the Day Care center for the children.
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