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Yoga on the Mall

Paloma Chavez
dcyogaweek.jpgFor this mall we are talking historic. The third annual DC Yoga Week began on April 12 and will run through April 18th. On Sunday, April 13th the National Mall and specifically the Washington Monument was a gathering spot for local yoga teachers who are dedicated to sharing their work with the community. (more…)
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Moving to India

Paloma Chavez
stat1.jpgWhen Anna Dubrovsky first visited India, little did she know that months later she will sell most of her belongings to live full time in India. She had been studying yoga for four years, but still felt like she was missing out on her life. (more…)
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YogaCaps Offers Relief for Cancer

Paloma Chavez
yogacancer2.jpgWe have heard many reports of how yoga has made a difference in the lives of people challenged with cancer. In New Hampshire YogaCaps has been an oasis for groups of women who are battling breast cancer. Terry and Ajay Gupta, the founders of YogaCaps provide an eight-week yoga program that includes “Hatha postures, breathing exercises, yoga Nidra and laughter yoga.” (more…)

Yoga Remedy for the Flu

Paloma Chavez
fluremedy.jpgThis last week I too became a part of the national statistics on people who contracted the flu. And although I like to think that I keep myself somewhat healthy throughout the year and I rarely ever get sick, I just wasn’t getting out of it so easily. I spent days and nights with holistic remedies to bring down a fever, relieve head and body aches and to clear up chest congestion. But I was also...
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YogaHub at SYTAR

Paloma Chavez
yogaconf.jpgYogaHub is embarking on a new area of its services to the YogaHub community. As we have spoken of before, one of our goals is to attend conferences with the intent of interviewing teachers, scholars and participants. We were all very excited to be able to make the SYTAR (Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research) conference our first event. (more…)
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No Weight Limit in Yoga

Paloma Chavez
woyoga.jpgFor many men and women who are not the typical “average” size, yoga can be an intimidating exercise option. While there is always an eager encouragement that anyone can practice yoga, you rarely see multiple sizes demonstrating yoga in DVDs or in classes. (more…)
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A Yogini and her Elephants

Paloma Chavez
elephant.jpgIt has always been a dream of mine to settle into a life with elephants. Just to be able to walk amongst them and observe their innate greatness of spirit and dignity. In the past I had heard of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the devoted work of the staff to provide a haven for previously captured elephants. In this month’s Yoga Journal, it was to my delight to read a...
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Your Contribution for Youth

Paloma Chavez
krishna.jpgEveryday we are reminded of the benefits of our yoga practice. When we have the chance we enjoy sharing this experience with our circle of friends and family. However, there is one among our community who has devoted herself to equally share her gifts with the young men and women who have been detained or are incarcerated in the juvenile systems. (more…)
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