Moving to India

Paloma Chavez

stat1.jpgWhen Anna Dubrovsky first visited India, little did she know that months later she will sell most of her belongings to live full time in India. She had been studying yoga for four years, but still felt like she was missing out on her life.

As a successful woman she was constantly multi-tasking her day away. But now she was willing to leave that behind and learn to be in the present.

In a Yoga+ article written by Ms. Dubrovsky, she shares with us her courage to step out of her day to day routine, in order to regain a clear sight of her surroundings. As she returned to India to study with Desikachar’s Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) for four weeks, she lets us in on her personal experience of the practice, the Vedic chanting, the classmates and her renewed sense of herself. Her desire to immerse herself in a new understanding and to deepen her practice comes through with eyes wide open.

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