Yoga on the Mall

Paloma Chavez

dcyogaweek.jpgFor this mall we are talking historic. The third annual DC Yoga Week began on April 12 and will run through April 18th. On Sunday, April 13th the National Mall and specifically the Washington Monument was a gathering spot for local yoga teachers who are dedicated to sharing their work with the community.

The organizers have created this week in order to offer introductory opportunities for people with an interest in experiencing the benefits of yoga.

Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Yoga Association, “Yoga Week is desingned to celebrate the practice of yoga as a life-enhancing, stress-reducing discipline…” To extend the work several community yoga studios will be offering a minimum of one free yoga classes or additional classes for only $5.00.

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  1. K Amber says:

    This was indeed a success

    Trouble bodies mind spirit can indeed benefit from Yoga Practice

    K Amber

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