Yoga Remedy for the Flu

Paloma Chavez

fluremedy.jpgThis last week I too became a part of the national statistics on people who contracted the flu. And although I like to think that I keep myself somewhat healthy throughout the year and I rarely ever get sick, I just wasn’t getting out of it so easily.

I spent days and nights with holistic remedies to bring down a fever, relieve head and body aches and to clear up chest congestion. But I was also wanting to approach it with my yoga practice. Fortunately I remembered this article in Yoga Journal called 7 Poses to Relieve Cold & Flu Symptoms.

I found it again online, dragged my exhausted body to my mat and at first just laid there for a few minutes. Relaxing, but if I stayed in one position for too long the sneezing would take care of that. The article by Angela Pirisi begins with the suggestion of placing a wrap around your forehead for additional comfort for the sinuses. The seven poses range from standing poses, to reclining, to legs up the wall pose. With each yoga pose a list of outcomes were included, such as “ brings energy to the head and respiratory area, opens chest area to facilitate breathing.”

A good feature of this article was that these poses were also given with some adjustments as in using bolsters, a chair or folded blankets. And for anyone who is moving through a flu or cold, body aches can really keep you tense and stressed. I had great results with these poses and eventually did them each day each time a little longer than before. I experienced very comforting results and a less stressed body.

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