A Basketball and a Yoga Mat

Paloma Chavez

kareemyoga.jpgWe have often discussed the benefits of yoga for all walks of life. From children to seniors, working moms to professional athletes, yoga has played an active role in their health goals.  But how did a 7-foot-2 giant of a man and basketball player begin to do yoga at the age of 14?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first began practicing yoga from a book and today is a devoted athlete and yoga student. He is even a regular blogger for the Los Angeles Times, who states that is flexibility after 50 years old is due to his consistent practice. In a blog post he states “ Yoga is one of the reasons that I was able to play professional basketball as long as I did with as few injuries as I had.”

From few injuries, to relieving lower back pains Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has sought out yoga to build a lifelong foundation of optimal health. His yoga of choice is Bikram yoga, but he has also explored other forms over the years. He is an avid history writer having produced four books that look at the successes of  African-Americans throughout history.

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