No Weight Limit in Yoga

Paloma Chavez

woyoga.jpgFor many men and women who are not the typical “average” size, yoga can be an intimidating exercise option. While there is always an eager encouragement that anyone can practice yoga, you rarely see multiple sizes demonstrating yoga in DVDs or in classes.

In Berkeley, CA, Sally Pugh, founder of Yoga for Large Women is offering this opportunity for the “larger-than-average” woman to experience yoga, with their peers.  From an article in the ContaCosta Times, Ms. Pugh states, “People are really excited about having a place where they can do yoga and be in a place where they can feel safe being with women who are the same size they are,” Pugh says. “Women are delighted when they come to my class and see they can do it and they don’t have to be skinny and fit their bodies into a pretzel shape.”

None of us wants to feel isolated from our community or subjected to unhealthy criticism. Each of us desires to seek some level of improvement in our lives, and yoga can bring us in touch with an inward balance that helps to focus our goals.  For one student of Sally Pugh she explains, “It sounds almost corny, but I cannot imagine where I would be in my life if I had not started yoga with Sally,” Castalia says today. “Yoga just put me back into my body.”

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