Category: Benefits of Yoga

The Om of Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
Sanskrit Om YogaSanskrit is an ancient language that is still used in yogic practices.  Although it is not currently a "spoken" language (Hindi is the predominant language spoken in Northern India today), it remains important because it is considered a "sacred" language.  That may sound like a strange idea in a culture like ours that has no equivalent. (more…)
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Yoga for Healthier Bones

Margaret Kruszewska
Just talked to one of my sisters about her concerns with joint and bone density issues as we age, especially for women. She hates gyms and especially hates any exercises with machines and weights. I don't blame her as I never took to the gym atmosphere either. But weight bearing exercises are important in order to maintain muscle tone that supports our bones. (more…)
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Absolute Beginners in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
In the years I ran my yoginis yoga studio in Los Angeles (, I met thousands of yoga students. Most of the folks who stepped through my doors were beginners. I told them that no yoga pose would ever be as difficult as the "going to my first yoga class" pose! I have always enjoyed working with absolute beginners in yoga class because I knew something would change from that day...
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Moving Like the Wind

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_wind.jpgSometimes you just don't feel like it. I admit. Yesterday my bones needed a rest. So while I sat looking out my window, I studied how the leaves and branches were moving in the wind. (more…)
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Yoga of Sound

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_sound.jpgAttended a kirtan tonight which is a session with live music, singing, chanting sacred sounds and sometimes even spontaneous dancing! In yogic practices, it is one of the ways to lift our spirits and align with the healing vibrations of music. (more…)
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Yoga on the Road

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_hike.jpgI am traveling this week and so my schedule is completely different from my home yoga routine. I try finding a local yoga studio in the closest town in Vermont where I’m staying. No morning classes, which is my preference. Three days go by without any yoga and I start feeling the effects: more tired, eating more, losing the spring in my step. (more…)
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Yoga for Life!

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_yoga-for-life-weight-loss.jpgReading medical articles on measuring the health effects of different yoga practice and specific yoga postures. Tons of stuff showing an almost immediate positive result for the heart, blood pressure, muscles. A very recent one proves that even a once a week session maintained regularly over time will prevent the weight gain associated with aging. How much more can you ask for! (more…)
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