Yoga on the Road

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_hike.jpgI am traveling this week and so my schedule is completely different from my home yoga routine. I try finding a local yoga studio in the closest town in Vermont where I’m staying. No morning classes, which is my preference. Three days go by without any yoga and I start feeling the effects: more tired, eating more, losing the spring in my step.

I take long walks to breath in this delicious Green Mountain air here; marvelous for my heart and legs but by the fourth day my body needs that feeling of a full body stretch that you can only get from a yoga program.

There is a difference between an exercise work-out and a yoga class. In addition to strengthening and aerobic benefits, yoga is also an overall toner and recharger.

I try finding a yoga show on TV, it’s at 6am! I wish I had a yoga video or DVD!

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