Yoga for Healthier Bones

Margaret Kruszewska

Just talked to one of my sisters about her concerns with joint and bone density issues as we age, especially for women.

She hates gyms and especially hates any exercises with machines and weights. I don’t blame her as I never took to the gym atmosphere either. But weight bearing exercises are important in order to maintain muscle tone that supports our bones.

I told her (yet again, cause she’s stubborn, like me!) that yoga would be a natural way to do weight- bearing exercises without the weights-because you are working with the weight of your own body. And the most important thing is to keep the back healthy and in order to do that, you have to strengthen the abdominal area. All of which you get in something as simple as a round of the Sun Salute series, and she can start with a modified sequence since she doesn’t have a regular exericise program.

It never occurred to her that certain yoga poses might help her. Told her to listen to her younger sister more often!

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