Absolute Beginners in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

In the years I ran my yoginis yoga studio in Los Angeles (, I met thousands of yoga students. Most of the folks who stepped through my doors were beginners. I told them that no yoga pose would ever be as difficult as the “going to my first yoga class” pose!

I have always enjoyed working with absolute beginners in yoga class because I knew something would change from that day on. I still remember the very first yoga class I took 25 years ago! It was weird and wonderful, difficult and sweet, strange and familiar all at once.

One of the most delightful moments working with someone for the first time is the way their face changes after the final relaxation. I would notice their eyes sparkling, and their skin soften. Their breathing will usually have shifted from a tight upper chest gasping to a round full belly breath.

Of course, there’s frequently a “what just happened” look too, or a “did I do that right?” look. But everyone seems to remember some moment during their first session when the got a glimpse of that state described as “being alert and relaxed at the same time.” And remembering that is what brings you back, in my case, for another 20 years!

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