Working with a Personal Yoga Instructor

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_personal-yoga-instructor.jpgA private yoga session may be a good idea when you are having many questions and concerns about starting or restarting your yoga routine.

I just completed an individualized yoga class for a student who has lost her flexibility and strength since taking on a demanding job that keeps her tied to her computer.

Many of us who used to be more active are now faced with long hours of brain-intense but body-numbing work where the only muscle getting a work-out is our computer mouse finger!

We feel it in our shoulders, neck and lower back first, but it also affects our internal organs which regulate our digestion, breathing and heart.

And then there’s the problem of trying to find time; so hiring a private yoga instructor to come to your home may be just what you need to embark on a healthy yoga schedule.

If you’ve attended yoga classes and enjoyed the teaching style of your yoga teacher, ask them if they provide individualized yoga instruction. Use all the same criteria for choosing a private instructor as you would finding a new yoga class teacher.

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