Category: 30 Days of Yoga

Yoga as Meditation

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga and MeditationSomething happens during a yoga class that is different from going to a gym or taking a nap (two activities that students will often try comparing with yoga). I've already mentioned that the nature of coming into yoga poses, moving with breath, staying with the yoga poses for extended periods of time followed by a deep relaxation creates a type of whole body meditation. While many forms of meditation encourage a complete stillness...
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Solo Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
It's a very different feeling creating your own yoga session than it is showing up for a yoga class. In my 20 years of yoga practice, I've gone through periods of knowing that I needed the structure and guidance of another yoga teacher and other times when I was able to go much deeper into my own yoga practice by going solo. (more…)
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Yoga for a New Year

Margaret Kruszewska
Day 1Everything is closed today. Hopefully everyone is enjoying a full day and evening without the daily pressures that leave us exhausted. The job, the commute, the family, the deadlines and then of course there's all the new things just added to our To Do list: exercise more, spend less, laugh more, worry less... Many folks I know have "been meaning to" try yoga. Many others have "been meaning to get back" to...
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Yoga Class Sampling

Margaret Kruszewska

As I’ve mentioned in previous entries and in my articles, there are many approaches to learning and practicing the yoga postures.

One of the main differences you may experience is whether the teacher emphasizes holding the poses for several breaths (or several minutes) or leads the class through a steady flow of movements from one pose into the next. In addition, both ways can also have invigorating sequences or calming, restorative sequences. Continue Reading: Yoga Class Sampling