The Cost of Doing Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_cost.jpgI’ve calculated what it cost to attend yoga classes for one month. I buy passes at four different yoga studios that offer special passes for new students. Fortunately I live in an area with several studios, a luxury I know many folks don’t always have. Cost- $139.

I then buy an additional pass at the studio closest to my home as I quickly realize that getting to class is a major consideration! Additional Cost: $70.

Parking and public transit costs to classes not on my way home add on an additional $20-$30.

Summary of attendance: During a 30 day period, I attend a total of 25 yoga classes and do 2 yoga sessions at home when my schedule doesn’t work with the offered yoga class time slots.

Grand Total for one month of yoga classes at discounted intro rates: $239.

Hm- not an amount I’ll be able to afford every month. Good reason to create an at-home practice indeed!

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  1. Basia says:

    Or, you could come to India. An unlimited-use monthly pass to a yoga center within a 15-minute walk from my house, with 2-3 open sessions each day to choose from, costs 500 rupees – about $11.00. :o)

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