Category: Understanding Yoga

The Pain of Yoga

Allistair Santiago
Leg PainToday I’m in pain – a not inconsiderable amount of pain. And I blame yoga. Possibly soccer, but mainly yoga. This week at Sunday night yin class, our instructor felt the need to focus on the upper leg and hip region. Despite it being slow, calm yoga, I found it intense. I was shaking and twitching embarrassingly with every pose. But – and here’s the part where I quote...
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Yoga and Egos

Francesca Silva
Teacher Adjusting StudentIn one of my recent blogs, I mentioned my frustration at having a new yoga instructor who just wasn’t doing it for me. Well, yesterday evening I dragged myself to the recreation centre for my next class with her. I really wasn’t in the mood to go as I’d been so put off the last time, but I decided to give her another try....
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Yoga but not Yoga: Raider Relaxation

Paloma Chavez
DC_Raider-Relaxation.jpgOver the years, many of us have heard or read about certain school districts and religious organizations who have felt that yoga does not have a place in their institutions. Several yoga groups have even been banned from church recreation rooms and school campuses. Recently, two high school teachers in Massena, New York, were challenged when they launched a voluntary yoga program for students. Continue Reading: Yoga but not Yoga: Raider Relaxation