Yoga Camp in Prison

Paloma Chavez

Yoga Class ImageThe Gwalior prison in India houses 3,000 female inmates, along with several children. The officials of the jail, recognizing that the ongoing negativity of the women was a problem, found a solution by putting into place a 45-day yoga program for the inmates.

With this program, the authorities hope “to motivate them to develop a positive outlook.” In addition to teaching the women the practice of yoga, the program provides an environment of healthy values and gives the women an opportunity to develop skills that will help them in society once they leave the prison.

Only 40 women of the 3,000 that are housed at the Gwalior jail were selected to participate in this unique pilot yoga camp. Along with exercises that promote calmness and spiritual guidance, the authorities are providing yoga instruction training. As one inmate says “We have been taught many things which benefited us. Our time has even passed in a good way. We enjoyed it. Earlier we had various problems but now they all are cured.” The women are being encouraged to look at yoga as a means of employment at the end of their term in jail.

Initial results of this program have been so positive that authorities intend to incorporate yoga practice into a daily routine for themselves as well as the inmates.

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