The Southwest Yoga Conference '08

Paloma Chavez

DC_Southwest-Yoga-Conference.jpg“We welcome you to be here now. Take time to notice moments of stillness and silence.” This is part of Jonny Kest’s message welcoming everyone to the Southwest Yoga Conference. He continues by inviting visitors to “come join our community of yogis and an incredible faculty…it shall be joyful, as happiness only becomes real when it is shared.”

The conference, which will take place in Austin, Texas from October 23rd to 26th, will offer an extensive list of yoga experiences. Each day there will be opportunities to engage in three different workshops and a selection of special events with the nation’s leading yoga teachers and practitioners. There will be many workshops to choose from, with topics ranging from Lilias Folan’s “Reawaken Yoga in Midlife” and Gary Kraftsow’s “Yoga for Emotional Health: Anxiety and Depression” to Jonny Kest’s “Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Body ~ Vinyasa Rasayana Experience.”

With 50 workshops, daily special events, selected intensive sessions, and teacher training programs, this conference will be a unique opportunity for individuals who want to deepen, renew or refresh their yoga practice.

For more information on this year’s Southwest Yoga Conference, check out You will also be able to register for the workshops and special events at this website.

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